Ultimate Torah Quiz

Some of us may be Jewish, but we don't know anything about our holy book, the Torah. We may say, oh, big deal. We don't know anything about a very large book. But it is a big deal. The Torah tells us what to celebrate and when, how to live our lives, so take this quiz and learn something!

Do YOU know anything about the Torah? Before today, maybe not, but now, you can learn about your people's, or your very early ancestor's religion. So what the heck are you waiting for? Come on and try out the Ultimate Torah Quiz! It'll only take a few minutes.

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  1. At what day does a Jewish boy have to be named?
  2. What does the Hebrew calender go according to?
  3. Who started the Hebrew holiday "Purim?"
  4. What is one of the 10 commandments?
  5. How old is Abram when G-d tells him to change his name to "Abraham"
  6. How many commandments (mitzvots) are there?
  7. Which prophet depicts the end of the world?
  8. On what days can a Jewish girl be named?
  9. Do a boy's brit milah appear in the book Leviticus?
  10. How many prophets are there?
  11. What is the Torah called?
  12. Who rescued the Jews from Babylon?
  13. Which of these names is NOT mentioned in the Torah?
  14. How many times has the Jewish temple been built in Israel so far?
  15. Is Satan a major character in the Torah like he is in the Christian Bible?
  16. Do any of the prophets tell of the coming of a messiah?
  17. Which of these will NOT happen when the messiah comes?
  18. On which day should a couple's first born baby boy be redeemed by giving a Cohn five silver coins?
  19. Which of these is not a Hebrew Name?
  20. How many chapters are there in total in the Torah?
  21. How many books are there in the Torah?

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