Ultimate Naruto Quiz !!

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An amazing Naruto quiz for ultimate fans! Do your best and don't give up. You will be scored by ninja ranks at the end. Answer all questions correctly!

Ok let's go take that quiz! REMEMBER! DO NOT GIVE UP! That will just slow you down! Focus and study to get better. Don't beat yourself up if u get a bad score, that just means when you are watching.. YOU ARE ONLY PAYING ATTENTION TO EPICNESS!! Do you think you will score Kage?

Created by: Dhira

  1. What age did Kakashi become a jonin?
  2. What did Minato give Kakashi as a jonin promotion gift?
  3. Who was the 1st person to join Sasuke's group Hebi/Taka?
  4. What was Jugo's purpose in joining Hebi/Taka?
  5. Does Tsunade ever go to her true "elderly" form?
  6. What ninja rank is Hinata?
  7. What Ninja Rank is Neji?
  8. Who is Temari's escort?
  9. What is the 1st thing Konohamaru does when he sees Naruto for the 1st time in 2 and a half years?
  10. Who is Konohamaru's 2 comrades and squad members?

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