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In this quiz you will test your HTTYD knowledge an will se how much do you know about HTTYD and you will se if you have to watch the movies again or not.

So lets see how well will you do.And now we are going to get into your quiz/test and see how well will you do se lets go and find out how ell will you do!

Created by: Hermiony of httyd amino
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  1. What happened to Hiccup in the firs movie?
  2. What happened to the read death in the 1st movie?
  3. What happened in the second movie?
  4. In what movie did Stoic die?
  5. How did stoic die?
  6. What is Hiccup's mom's name?
  7. What dragon did the dragon riders found in the 3rd movie?
  8. Who is Toothless's mate?
  9. What is the name of Toothless's mate in the book?
  10. Who killed al the night furies?
  11. What happened to Hiccup and Astrid in the 3rd movie?
  12. What happened to Toothless and his girlfriend in the 4th movie?
  13. Ware vikings fighting dragons before?
  14. Who was the vile in the dragons race to the edge?
  15. What did heather do to help her friends in the race to the edge?
  16. In what season was Heather introduced?
  17. Did the Bezekers become good later on?
  18. Ware the Bezerkers evil before?
  19. Who ware the new clans introduced in the race to the edge?
  20. What are the fury species in HTTYD?

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