Ultimate Male Buzz Cut Quiz

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Do you need a shaved head to look good find out in this accurate quiz this quiz will help you decide so be honest and don't use obvious what you want answers

This is accurate so please if it says shave your head do it guys it means you'll look great and comment what you got and send me photos of your haircuts through my email

Created by: Kevan Green

  1. Do you like buzz cuts
  2. If someone were to shave your head right now how would you respond
  3. Why would you ever shave your head
  4. What color is your hair
  5. Do you like to style or run your fingers through your hair
  6. If your bff dared you to shave your head would you do it
  7. If the person closest to you being of the male gender was being forced to shave his head what would you do...
  8. What do your parents prefer
  9. Do peoples opinions influence you
  10. What do you prefer
  11. What do you have now
  12. If the guy in front of you in class has long flowing hair
  13. Finally how would you describe the feeling of good hair. Ps answer might fill more than one box

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