How Long Should My Hair Be Men Quiz PT.3

Hi this quiz is super accurate please like and comment answer truthfully and get the right answers please tell me your answer in feedback and try these haircuts

All these haircuts are stylish so don't worry try these they worked for me It actually works guys so try it and do what it says I know you guys will love your answers

Created by: Kevan Green
  1. A guy in class sits in front of you his long brown hair behind him what do you do
  2. Later you see him at the pool alone in the hot tub you join but ask him this first
  3. Well anyways you end up becoming BFF's and you've grown your hair out to pec length your going to a party and you wanna match hairstyles how do you style each others hair
  4. You meet this girl its your first date how do you style your hair
  5. Your going to do some work in the garden how is your hair styled
  6. After your done working you go for a swim how is your hair styled
  7. Its your wedding day time for the photos you get to decide how to style you and your best men's hair now how do you style your hair
  8. Your cousin who has short Collar bone length hair
  9. Your brother in law who has shoulder length hair
  10. Your BFF who now has his hair down to his but
  11. From your hair length now do you want it longer or shorter
  12. You are interviewing people for a job a bald a young man with a buzz cut almost bald walks in
  13. A guy with really long hair walks in
  14. Your BFF wants you to cut his hair to waist length and after that he is giving you one you say
  15. You mess up he is bald now your turn he see's himself in the mirror screams and shaves you bald
  16. You both grew your hair back to waist length your still friends though he says he wants us to try something new what do you try

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