How Long Should My Hair Be Men Quiz

Hi this quiz is super accurate please like and comment answer truthfully and get the right answers please tell me your answer in feedback and try these haircuts

All these haircuts are stylish so don't worry try these they worked for me It actually works guys so try it and do what it says I know you guys will love your answers

Created by: Kevan Green
  1. How long would your hair ever be
  2. Why would you want long hair
  3. What is your face shape
  4. What color is your hair
  5. Now imagine you have pec length hair for the next few questions its a special occasion how do you style it
  6. Out on a jog how do you style it
  7. Date Night how do you style it
  8. Your getting married what do you do
  9. You have to pick a haircut for your son he says he wants it like daddy what do you pick (BTW he has long hair already)
  10. Time for your haircut your wife says she wants you to man up and let her shave it all off
  11. She shaves it all off almost bald without your approval your response
  12. You see a handsome young fellow walking down the street with a trail of blonde hair behind him your response

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