TT: preface gtq story quiz series authors come here!

Hello, hi, bonjour, konichiwa, nihow, ohla, aloha, watermeln! Oops, watermelon isnt some word in some language that means hello! Oh well! Any way, welcome to TT!

I think twisted tales is a really good idea, and i like it. I made it up, so i appreciate you coming. Please turn of all electronic devices and enjoy the show!

Created by: Mistyheart13

  1. Ok hi guys! Welcome to Twisted Tales: PreFace! If you are a gotoquiz story quiz series writing I need permission to do what may be the best idea yet!
  2. Ok... first, let me explain Twisted Tales. What TT is is that some really good story quizzes -lets call them SQs- give me dreams. The dreams make the quiz seem more interesting so im forced to thinkof different scenarios. This is where the title comes in. So I, being the imaginative person I am, twist the tales and add my ideas. But what happens is effected lots about what happens in the orginal quiz as new parts come out? Got it
  3. Ok so some ones i like in particular...
  4. 1. Dont leave me hanging 2. Remember the future 3. Vampire Desire 4. Vampire Peak 5. Survival There are so many I cant even name them all!
  5. So in the comments please say yes or no, your SQ (xxblutixx and CountryBayRythm dont bother i am in love withdont leave me hanging, survival, and never forgotten) and also i like goodbye... and teenage chronicle so yeah.
  6. So thanks yeah skip the rest of these!
  7. I like cookies!
  8. Oreos are my personal favorite!
  9. Sometimes i get drunk on cookies but i call it 'cookiefied'
  10. I like guys with blak hair and eithergreen blue or hazel eyes.
  11. I have a boyfriend named Blaze. He has black hair and bright teal eyes.
  12. Bye!

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