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This quiz has a object the object is to get the highest score! I'm sure you like these quizzes! Well want to get the highest score? First read the next paragraph!

Hi now you want to take this challange? Well go ahead! It's your choice! Come along just go down the screen and you will see the questions! YAY I hope you will like it!

Created by: Snowleopard
  1. First are you going to comment? ( no effect ).
  2. Sand is made of:
  3. Sand is made of:
  4. What is glass made of?
  5. Water comes from taps what comes from freezers if you put water in them!
  6. What is in the The end of Africa?
  7. What is this color? 🔎📓
  8. What is wool made of?
  9. Last question.
  10. Last question.

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