Truly Fan To The FNAF Franchise

Five night at Freddy's game series is like an event, a big hit in the games creators. People played it every day but some of them really know the secrets and joy when play the game.Take this quiz and discovered how well do you know about the franchise then you think!

Some questions could be hard, some could be easy but don't afraid because of that, just do your best and you'll be fine, I'm sure of it. In just a few minutes and you'll discovered it for yourselves.

Created by: Thien Simon
  1. Easy: Which animatronic come to your office first?
  2. Easy: Is Golden Freddy a real animatronic in the third game?
  3. Easy: How many FNAF's game(s) is/are there?
  4. Normal: What do you must do in FNAF 2?
  5. Hard: What happen if BB(Balloon Boy) get into your office?
  6. Hard: How many Fredbear Pizzeria/Diner(s) are/is there?
  7. Hard: Where is Foxy(FNAF 1)?
  8. Advanced: What is Foxy?
  9. Advanced: Which of these FNAF songs is real?
  10. Hard-Core: Mangled is a boy or a girl?
  11. Final Question: Are FNAF base on a real event?

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