Totally Random quiz

WELCOME TO THE RANDOM! JEEZ the character restrictions are so annoying so now I have to write random stuff until I get some characterz. I like randomness

YAY ^THATS THE WORD OF THE QUIZ YAY! Isn't it EXCITING! I need at least 150 charaterz so...ya YAY is like the most pwnage word invented by peeps that like to say yay

Created by: arctic796

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  1. PANCAKEZ!!!!!
  2. Hay!.....Hay!......Sup =]
  3. Ya know What?.......Bread........=D
  4. Plokmijnuhbygvtfcrdxeszwaq
  5. Laaaaaaaaaaaaalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. Wash Towel!
  7. Abc123 rackle Huubsip!™
  8. EMOTE!
  9. I herd u like mudkipz 8/
  10. Last Question!

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