Top 10 NCIS Question and Answer!

Do you love NCIS? NCIS is a popular show on USA and on CBS. It is a spin off of JAG. There has been many seasons and I hope that there are many more to come!

If you are an NCIS fanantic, like me, put your skills to the test! Let's see how much you really know! Are you brave enough? Prove it! Please comment!

Created by: qwerty1

  1. What is Gibbs' full name?
  2. What did Tony get from the envolope sealed with a kiss from the episode "SWAK"?
  3. How many languages does Ziva speak?
  4. What is McGee's nickname?
  5. What was Kate's job before NCIS?
  6. How many tatoos does Abby have?
  7. What is Ducky's real name?
  8. How many kids does Leon Vance have?
  9. Who killed Jenny Sheapard?
  10. What does NCIS stand for?

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