Tomboy or Girly Girl?

Have you ever wondered what tyoe of person you really are? Your room is pink, but you'd rather go skateboarding thatn hang with your girl friends. Well, there are 3 types of girliness.

Are you an extreme girly girl, a girlish tomboy, or do you have short bobs, 10 skateboards and a tatoo? Then there's the regular, more normal tomboy (which I hope all tomboys can be). When you take this quiz, you'll find out which one you are!

Created by: DragonzEye

  1. How is make up to you?
  2. How is skateboarding to you?
  3. If you had the oppertunity to beat somebody up, would you do it?
  4. Girl time! What's on your agenda?
  5. What Disney character should be your best friend?
  6. Whats your favorite school subject?
  7. Are you boy crazy?
  8. What is your element?
  9. What do you think of the Simpsons?
  10. What color is your room?

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