To what extent are you Evil?

There rare those who interpret themselves as Evil. There is only one evil and perhaps you are capable of it. There are few that may truly call themselves, dark, evil, sinister. You may begin the test if you believe you are any of the afore mentioned.Test yourself. You will be surprised.

Are you as Dark as you think? Perhaps impractical and selfish, an embarrassment to your family? The latter I woudl imagine. A failed abortion and failure to life as well. Your results may change my mind. Your personality will tell. Good luck.

Created by: Hannibal

  1. You decide to kill a kitten, of the following, what is your method?
  2. Your parents just witnessed you kill the kitten. They ask you how it died though, how do you respond?
  3. You burn your hand, what do you do?
  4. Your favorite super-villain?
  5. What is your choice of clothing?
  6. Your favorite color?
  7. What body build are you?
  8. A woman tried to seduce you.
  9. You are faced with either killing a bus load of children, or killing your mother, which do you do?
  10. Your favorite music.

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Quiz topic: To what extent am I Evil?