To find out if you are/aren't a witch

Becoming a witch is not something you decide it takes preportation, concentration and relaxation to complete yourself for the required skill, but one thing that is usually left out is something that we all need to complete ourselves, it's a human flaw, to have self belief.

This quiz will help your security level go up or possibly down, or for some people who have disbelief in the craft? A bit of fun! A few questions might be off task and my apologies, it's hard to come up with so many without research to look over at the same time.

Created by: Miss R.Lewis
  1. Do you ever have dreams about or related to the craft?
  2. Do you think witches are these ugly little things that are green and have warts all over them?
  3. What is the symbol that represents witch craft?
  4. What are the five elements?
  5. Which of the five elements are the most significant?
  6. Which power would you like to have inherited?
  7. Are demons real?
  8. In a situation of being attack by a mortal, would you use your power or not?
  9. Which spell in your opinion is the most effective?
  10. Have you done research on witchcraft or just decide one day that you want to be something better than human?
  11. Are witches just female?

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