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If you think you are a good thrasher or you know to much about thrash metal...then try this quiz,it is for you. Let me see if you know about this fabulous genre

Do you like thrash metal? If you do then try this quiz because this quiz is all about thrash metal, one of the best genres of metal so far... THRASH TILL DEATH!

Created by: Jose
  1. Which band's album is called "Jesus Killing Machine"
  2. Which character was on D.R.I
  3. Overkill's first album is called taking over?
  4. the brazilian Thrash metal band Violator was formed in
  5. Acid speech's guitarist is called
  6. Which band took part in Century Media's 2008 "Covering 20 Years of Extremes", covering Unleashed's "Execute Them All".
  7. Wich vehicle killed Cliff Burton?
  8. Apart from Metallica what band does Jason Newsted plays/played
  9. The last Death Angel album was...
  10. Last know drummer of Dark Angel was...

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