this is the COOLEST hsm quiz!

this is a high school musical quiz and i got the idea because i came across a high school musical quiz and said i"d do quiz is quite easy so you shouldnt do that bad!!

do you think you"ll survive in my quiz?!you will find out when im done.its not hard so you"ll do fine probaly!do you love high school musical?i sure do!!you will find out if you are a genius at my quiz!

Created by: chloe21

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  1. who plays miss darbus?
  2. what colour tie does taylor wear when their singing "we"re all in this together"?
  3. what exspression does the two masks that are behind mrs.darbus in the classroom have?
  4. does sharpay wear any hats in the movie?
  5. what does mrs.darbus say to cindra after she sang?
  6. a star from hannah montana might be starring in hsm 2?
  7. what colour is the mascot?
  8. what colour is the banner behind gabriella and troy when they sing at the new years party?
  9. what colour is gabriella"s dress when there singing "we"re all in this together"
  10. what show did zac efron star in on disney channel?

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