Thinknoodles (REALLY EASY)

Thinknoodles is a AWESOME Youtuber! You should watch him! If you know who he is and want to try and be a true fanboy/girl play my quiz! Then you can boast to your friends :D

Are you a TRUE Thinkoodles fan. Do you watch Thinkoodles every week, Every day, Every hour, Every minute or Every second. Find out how FanBoyish/girlish You are at Thinknoodles!

Created by: Sheena1234ization

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  1. What is Thinknoodles job?
  2. What is Thinknoodles REAL name?
  3. What games do Thinknoodles play? (as of October 2014)
  4. What is Thinknoodles MOST COMMON nickname?
  5. What is Think's favorite FOOD?
  6. What pet does Thinknoodles have?
  7. What is Thinknoodles pet's name?
  8. Which one of these accounts does Thinknoodles NOT HAVE
  9. Which country does Thinknoodles live in?
  10. What does Thinknoodles do in Think's Lab?

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