Thinknoodles Quiz

This is the quiz of Thinknoodles the youtuber and if your looking at this Think play it because it is really good. Anyways you the player have to answer questions about Thinknoodles.

Some of these questions can be really easy but some can be really hard but I suggest not to cheat and try the quiz. Let's see if your a true noodler or a noodler noob!

Created by: Caleb

  1. What is his real name?
  2. What was Thinks first game he played on his channel?
  3. Before he discovered Thinks Lab, what mod review did he do?
  4. Thinks first club penguin video was which party?
  5. Think went on Club Penguin every Thursday morning and called it what?
  6. Thinknoodles first island in Poptropica that he did a walk though was what?
  7. What is Think's poptropican mostly out of?
  8. Which of these people has he not done a video with?
  9. Think has a dog named what?
  10. His survival world is named what?
  11. Thinks girlfriend is named what?
  12. Think has what in his lab?
  13. What does he say at the end of his videos?

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