How well do you know Thinknoodles?

Watch his videos? Learned the magic of noodles? Want to test your knowledge on him? Well know you can! With this quiz you can test your knowledge of the one and only Thinknoodles!

Are you a true noodler? With only 10 simple questions, you can find out is you are a true fan of Thinknoodles. So go out there, take the quiz, think about noodles!

Created by: Snowflake

  1. Hey guys! First question is easy. What does Think normally think about?
  2. What is Think's dog name?
  3. Who was Think's former youtube partner? (Sorry if I made you sad)
  4. What games does Thinknoodles play?
  5. How many subscribers did Think get when he tried out Minecraft?
  6. What was the known reason Think and his former youtube partner drifted away? (Again, sorry if I made you sad)
  7. Is Think married?
  8. True or False: Think found Dispicable Me minions in a strange cave.
  9. Think's dog is a:
  10. Last question! :D Who is Thinknoodles?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Thinknoodles?