Think You Know Lil Chris??

This quiz is for people to see if they are true Lil' Chris fans or not! so if you think you're lil chris fans and you get all these questions Wrong,think again!

Did YOU get them all right? Like a Lil Chris genuis?? Thanks to this quiz now you know if yo're a proper lil chris fan or not. So now you know..if you're not you've got a lot of catching up to do!

Created by: Leashy of Lil Chris
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  1. How Old Is Chris?
  2. Who Is His Worst Enemy?
  3. Whats His Favourite Colour?
  4. What Is His Gerbils Called?
  5. What R His Brother And Sister Called?
  6. How did he gain the name little chris?
  7. What did his mum used to call him?
  8. How old was Chris when started his music career?
  9. How many caps has he got?
  10. Where does he keep them?

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