Think you can get over 80% on this quiz !!!

This a random question quiz. For those who dont know what random is just imagined you shuffled a deck of cards and drawed 1 card, that would be a random card because you dont know what it is.

Think you can get over 80% on this quiz? Think your smart enough too? If you want to see if you can get over 80% on this random question quiz take it now. Hehehe

Created by: Jack

  1. What is the first 30-day month in the year?
  2. When did micheal jackson die? dd-mm-yyyy
  3. Who is the main character on x-men?
  4. What is the most accurate gun to kill a zombie in medium range with?
  5. What is the name of the old program Will Smith starred on?
  6. 5126...what are these numbers?
  7. When will z-day come? dd-mm-yyyy
  8. Proffeser Snape off the "harry potter" series was on which of these other films?
  9. In which year is the world supposedly meant to end?
  10. Now they get harder, when was the ak-47 created. Lol
  11. Which of these foods are the healthiest?
  12. Which of these sins would be the worst to commit?
  13. Daanswerisnogoforno.disisfun
  14. If you were stuck in a hostage situation what would you do?
  15. How many items is in a bakers dozen?
  16. How old is santa clause?
  17. What is the wierdest name in this list?
  18. Final and hardest question, who did the band "the lonely island" feature in thier song "im on a boat"?

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