The Yes and No Quiz

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This is just a random yes and no quiz, so just answer whatever you want. The results are all the same. I was just a little bored when I made this, that's all.

I don't want to type this 'cause I don't have anything to say so I'll just fill it with words because I can't make the quiz without this filled out, sadly.

Created by: AetherEliminaara

  1. Do I like to sing?
  2. Am I tall?
  3. Do I know how to drive?
  4. Do I like movies?
  5. Do I like Kirby?
  6. Am I good at playing piano?
  7. Do I have a pet?
  8. Are my quizzes usually weird?
  9. Have I ever been on a hot air balloon?
  10. Can I ride a bike?
  11. Did I have a reason for making this quiz?
  12. Finally, do I care if people really like it?

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