The YardSailer Quiz

There are many people in this world, but only few have had the glory of being called a YardSailer. To be a YardSailer is to have been through thick and thin, tested your limits of your mind, danced for countless hours at an electronic event, participated in underwear parties or shower parties with large groups of people, or various other mind-opening experiences. These things make up a tiny portion of what it truly means to YardSail.

But, how could one ever know if they were a YardSailer? how does one gain this title? How can they be sure they are even in the same room as a YardSailer? Well my friends, take this quiz, these questions although few, will give you minor insight into the eventful, fruitful, passionate, exciting, and not to mention awesome lifestyle and times of a true YardSailer...the biggest and quite possibly the best rave group in Seattle.

Created by: amazon

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  1. Do you go to raves, parties, or any type of electronica event?
  2. Do you own Kandy (colorful, shiney, sparkly, eye-catching) bracelets, or necklaces?
  3. Do youhave a special raver name or name that people identify you with?
  4. Have you ever lost or misplaced an item while high?
  5. Do you like Trance?
  6. Have you ever been cracked out after a party or long night of doing a recreational drug?
  7. Do you own a pair of LED Photon Lights or Glowsticks?
  8. Have you heard or are you part of Projekt Lightshow?
  9. Have you attended at least 5 raves in your lifetime?
  10. Do you know what YardSail means?
  11. Have you been a raver for atleast a year or more?
  12. Do you know a YardSailer in the scene here in Seattle?
  13. The YardSailers are one of the biggest raver groups in Seattle.
  14. You are a YardSailer and just took this quiz to see if the questions were correct in describing a YardSailer.

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