The Wolf Pack- are you one of us???

There are lots of wolf fans, but few if you aren't a wolf you should be one people. You see, those people know a lot about wolves and they see wolves not as wild dogs, but as old friends.

Are YOU a wolf expert? Could you get too close to one of those things? Most people are too scared to ask about these jumbo pooches. Obviously you aren't!

Created by: mags

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  1. where do you leave your meat?
  2. it's almost feeding time. what do you want to eat?
  3. The pack leader finds a good perch. You-
  4. You're tired. Where do you sleep?
  5. You are dropped at the pack leader's feet. You don't know if you're in trouble. You-
  6. You're almost done with your week in the pack (this quiz). Bored yet? (no effect)
  7. A human armed with a gun arrives. You-
  8. He shoots but misses. You-
  9. It's almost time to go home. You want to bring a piece of nature back. You choose-
  10. Did you ejoy your trip?

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Quiz topic: The Wolf Pack- am I one of us???