The Wedding Singer-Which Wedding Singer character are you?

this quiz is to find out which character from the movie "the wedding singer" you are-this is a quick and easy way to find out which character you are-so come on give it a try!

just answer a couple of easy questions to find out!-in just a few minutes you could find out which character you are!!-arent you even a little courious??

Created by: Vincent Anton Mena
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  1. how much do you want to find your true love???
  2. your getting married would you rather your name about to change from julia sullivan to either julia gulia or julia hart???
  3. ok so your a dude and your only marrying a girl because you dont want to break up with her but really you dont care about her-you even cheat on her-now lets be honest would you do this????
  4. would you dress up as a girl even though your a dude and sing girly songs at weddings?????
  5. ok so your in the wedding bussiness wat is your job?????
  6. you have been to a certain city before but your boyfriend/girlfriend hasnt-would you let them have the window seat if your flying over that city in a plane??????
  7. which of these are you?????
  8. would you ever make a really messed up speech at your bothers wedding while your usual (your a guy-your familys screw-up acually)
  9. would you leave your groom at the alter because you finnaly decided you didnt want to marry him and then tel him later that you dont ever want to marry him because you want to leave your home town-and you dont care about whos feelings you hurt-especially his.
  10. which is you?????

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Quiz topic: The Wedding Singer-Which Wedding Singer character am I?