The very long pee challenge. Try not to pee!

Hi, this is a very long try not to pee challenge, it requires you drink a lot of water, so good luck. As always , if you feel ill, sick, or Just unwell during this challenge, stop.

This challenge is for people who want to pee themselves, so if you don’t I would advise you to come to the realisation that you will, so good luck. Comment if you succeeded or if you are wet right now, and I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Tanya Piankova
  1. Go drink water until you need to use the bathroom. But don’t use it just yet, wait 20 minutes. Then use the bathroom. Did you get through 20 minutes?
  2. Ok, now for 2 hours, drink 250ml each 15 minutes. Use the bathroom as you please.
  3. Now, for another 2 hours, every 15 minutes drink 250ml, but every time you have to pee, pee only for 7 seconds. If you go over 7 seconds, you may now only release in your pants.
  4. Ok, now for 2 hours, you have to drink 100ml every 15 minutes, but you can only pee once for 10 seconds in a public restroom, once in your toilet for 5 seconds, and once in your pants for 3 seconds. If you go over the time, you have to add an extra 15 minutes to the timer. Did you make it?
  5. Ok, now for the hour, you have to drink 250ml every 15min, but you can’t use the bathroom. At all. Did you make it?
  6. We are done! Did you make it through all the challenges?
  7. Did you like this?
  8. Apparently I’m supposed to have 10 questions so wait up a little longer
  9. And longer
  10. And a little longer…

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