The Vegetable Quiz

This is a quiz about different types of vegetables! I hope you learn about vegetables and have fun! The quiz has different types of questions that you will answer.

This quiz will teach you about why vegetables are good. This quiz will show you if you know the many vegetables! The quiz will start soon I hope you learn!

Created by: Sylvia

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  1. How many types of vegetables are there?
  2. How many categories of vegetables are there?
  3. Which vegetable is a leaf?
  4. What one is a leaf vegetable?
  5. How many vegetables should you eat in a day?
  6. Which vegetable is a legume?
  7. What vegetable is a root?
  8. What vegetable is a cabbage?
  9. Which vegetable is grown over the ground?
  10. Vegetables have vitamins

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