The Ultimate The Next Step Quiz

The next step is a T.V drama dance series i mean who doesn't like a drama and dance T.V show i know i love it, i worked hard on this quiz so comment down below!

The next step is really important to me and some of friends this quiz will determine if you truly do love the next step enjoy this quiz and the next step

Created by: Rosalie
  1. Which Season Does The Next Step Lose regionals
  2. Who is the studio head up to Season 4
  3. Who injures their knee badly
  4. Whose is in the Jiley
  5. Who is James little sister
  6. Who leave's in season 7
  7. Whose the main character in the TNS christmas special
  8. Who created the next step
  9. In Chloes world who is Margie
  10. Who plays Margie

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