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  • Made it up to question 12 (i had already drank 4 sodas before starting the challanges and i was in really tight shorts) I had made a big spurt and i was about to burst but when i got up the tight shorts applied alot of pressure to my bladder and when i bent down and tried to hold it in the tight pants only applied more pressure and i just exploded while holding around 1.5 leters

    • Are you sure you weren't able to hold it longer

    • I couldn't hold it

  • My bully made me take the entire quiz in school and replaced every 'or' in the challenge with 'and' so I had to drink double amount of water every time.

    Every one saw me pee and made videos and posted on the net.

    Now everyone makes me wear diapers in school and takes away my pant.

  • Once in fifth grade we went on a fried trip and it somehow gave me this magical power.

    I didnt go to the bathroom since around 7 Am that day. When I got to school I still didnt have to go. When we were on this bus still nothing. I went the whole day without having to go in the slightest bit. I woke up the next day and still nothing. It had been 24 hrs by now. I waited all day and around 1 Pm I had to go. I held it in until around 3 Pm (I stayed after school that day). And I made it to a bathroom (Btw).

    I did the math. It had been 32 hours.

  • my bladder was steel hard after i was done the quiz, i held it for 4 h, even though I'm below18, i hold huge amounts of pee every day for hours so I'm used to this stuff. i love to torture my bladder, my record 2 leters

    Emerald Pros
  • We were walking I the park and we were doing this quiz because the park is literally just a massive field so theres nowhere to hide. Me and 2 of my friends were fine but one of my friends pissed herself so bad. She was wearing grey sweatpants as well so it was hella visible and we had to get on the bus to go home. We pretended like we didnt know her because it was that bad. I felt so bad but now its just f---ing funny

    And I Oop
  • I made it till the third time it says to drink water, I tried to hold it but when I was pouring the water my bladder was literally burning and set the water down and ran to the bathroom. I would've peed myself in within the next minute at least if I hadn't gone.

  • I did this challenge and ended up so soaked I was put back in diapers for a week then my cousin dared me to do the wet the bed challenge for a week straight and now I'm wear diapers to bed.

  • Oh my gosh, I made it to where it gave you the option and I chose to hold it for an hour. I made it twenty minutes before absolutely soaking myself

  • Oh I peed on question 4. I have a rather large puddle beneath me.

  • I think tonight Ill pee in bed, I really have to

  • Mia was taking this quiz with me. Mia was full on the 7th question that she spurted for a time of 54 seconds! I did not pee this test. I took it again with Cassy and she did not pee she got 78% and I did not too and i gott 100% full

    Bongotition Meaw
  • I got all the way to the end and held for as long as I could, but I ended up soaking my chair!

  • I'm still peeing HELP


  • Wow I made it..... Ima do another quiz without the rest..

  • I did this as a dare on my class computer I'm not in a puddle of pee... in class


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