The Ultimate Mighty Boosh Quiz

This is the best quiz for Boosh Fans test you Boosh knowledge here. Questions range from the easy to hard only a true boosh fan will get full marks can you?

Are you a boosh addict proove it! If you get high marks then you have solid proof you are a Boosh Fanatic :-) :-) How will you do? Do you knwo Everythign Boosh??

Created by: amazon

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  1. Easy start what is it bongo player "spider" has 8 of?
  2. WHta is the name of noel fielding's girlfriend's band (in real life)?
  3. what flavour are the hula hoops vince askes howard to buy him in "Tundra"
  4. What animal does vince dress up (or he did it himself) as adam ant?
  5. How do you kill a roo?
  6. How do you calm-a-llama down?
  7. In "jungle" which one of these is not one of rudy's names (forgive spellign on this one)
  8. When vince was raised as a child by brain and the animals what was his house made out of?
  9. what happens when howard and vince drink the juice fromt he fountain of youth?
  10. When howard and vince are stranded on an island what does vince have on him
  11. In "Old Gregg" how many times does howard say old greg has told him his name?
  12. How old is the dark book of magic the pair lose in "Nannagedoon"?
  13. What are yetis scared of?
  14. Penultimatley, Were did the name the mighty boosh come from?
  15. Lastly is the Mighty Boosh The Best Show In The World

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