The ultimate how to train your dragon test - part 1

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How much do you know about your favorite dragons? This is an ultimate quiz, and since there are a LOT of dragons, there will be more parts than this one.

This quiz is about the Strike class, but part two might be about Tidal, or another class. You never know how many dragons you know about till you take this to be sure. Well what are you waiting for?

Created by: Houndlover

  1. Ok, so first thing's first. who wrote how to train your dragon?
  2. now, lets start with dragon classes. All of these are classes except...
  3. We'll start with Strike class and work our way through. Get ready!
  4. Abilities: dive-bombing, blasting plasma, flying at supersonic speeds. What dragon am I?
  5. Abilities: superheating the trace silicates in their iridescent skin, temporarily making them invisible. What dragon am I?
  6. Abilities: cloaking themselves by using their fire. Not much is known about this dragon yet. What dragon am I?
  7. Abilities: hunting Vikings and dragons, attacking with their tusks and pincers, striking with their poisonous clubbed tail. What dragon am I?
  8. Abilities: channeling lightning along their metallic spines and firing it from their mouths in a showery blast of destruction. What dragon am I?
  9. Abilities: blasting a blinding fire, swinging three tails braided into one. What dragon am I?
  10. Abilities: thermal vision, camouflaging in snow, gripping onto ice. What dragon am I?
  11. Ok, that's all for the first part, see ya for part two!

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Quiz topic: The ultimate how to train my dragon test - part 1