The ultimate F1 quiz

How well do you Formula 1. Test out your knowledge with this short 10 question quiz that is sure to really try you intelligence and memory out. Question range from the past to modern F1

You can find out if you really are the F1 expert you think you are with this monthly quiz. So you get 100% this month, try again next month and we will see how smart you are!

Created by: Sean

  1. Who was the first F1 world champion?
  2. How many races did Ayrton Senna win?
  3. By how much did Lewis Hamilton win the 2008 Silverstone Grand Prix?
  4. Out of 261 race starts, how many podiums has Michael Shumacher taken?
  5. In 2008 Sebastian Vettel took his first win in F1 for Torro Rosso. At which track was this win?
  6. Jenson Button started in F1 in 2000 but when was his first win?
  7. Which race in 2008 did Nelson Piquet Jnr. deliberately crash for Renault?
  8. Who was voted as the favourite British world champion in a recent poll?
  9. Which country looks set to enter a race for the 2011 season?
  10. And finally... What is set to return for 2011?

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