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Hello. Here guess? I made this quiz for...I dunno....Reasons? Yeah. For reasons. It i about Cartoon Network but also has some goofy questions at the end and I dunno why. Just for laughter I guess.

Also, I made this other quiz. It's called "Dumb quiz for entertainment purposes......" And I mentioned something about my ROBLOX username, which I said was Dimicake90. But, Unfortunately, That account got hacked, so I made another roblox account called "Dimicake9", Make sure to follow me on that account!! :)

Created by: Drxp4Lif3

  1. What is the longest running CN show?
  2. What is the first *ORIGINAL* CN Show?
  3. Which show had a crossover episode with "The Powerpuff Girls"?
  4. Which Live Action show here was created by Nick Cannon?
  5. Which show here is NOT a Animated Cartoon Show?
  6. Which of these Cartoon Network characters have the same superpowers?
  7. Doesn't really count ;)........What if I told you THERE IS NO FUTURE?
  8. None other questions counts after this.
  9. wait.....Isn't this supposed to be a CN Quiz?
  10. Do you guys think I do this because I am bored?
  11. Follow me on ROBLOX!!!!! username: Dimicake9 :)
  12. Guess my battery percentage :D
  13. This is the last question.
  14. I am going to make a reboot of this quiz on 12/26/2020
  15. Let's play Match game now!!
  16. 666555777
  17. dgggttttyyyqqqq
  18. tttttppppppppppppppllllllkkkk

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