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There are many smart people but few true genius.Genius is,after all,quite exceptional. What is a genius? A genius is someone who is smart clever and very thing in between

Are YOU smart we'll lets find out the truth This quiz will test you on how well you know tv so I am telling you all this information when ISPs your smart you should get the whole test right

Created by: Chayse
  1. What tv show did steph steal a baby
  2. What news show has coshie on it
  3. What news show has Sam on it
  4. What is Austin moons partner on the Disney channel show
  5. Who was brax's partner on home and away that died.
  6. What's the talking pig on tv
  7. Who has been in home and away the longest
  8. What show did Carl and Suzanne brake up on
  9. What channel is called mate
  10. What cannel is called 11

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