the SWEENEY TODD quiz!!!!

there are many smart people in this world but very few of them could not pass the great quiz of SWEENEY TODD answer questuins from the movie trivia and see if you can achieve success in the not easy but not hard SWEENEY TODD quiz.

Can you successfully achieve passing in the SWEENEY TODD quiz if you think that you can why dont you have a go. even if you have only seen the 2007 movie once you will be able to answer some of these trivia questions come give it a chance.

Created by: Ethan

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  1. what is sweeney todds real last name?
  2. who plays sweeney todd?
  3. what type of pies does mrs lovett sell?
  4. what type of poison did lucey take?
  5. what is mrs lovetts first name?
  6. where did senyor Perelli find tobi?
  7. what is the last word that mrs.lovett says?
  8. there's a hole in the world like a great black pit and its filled with people that are filled with ______ and the vermine of the world inhabited (if you haven't got it already you have guess the missing word)
  9. who is the best? now this has actually got an answer.

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