The SUPREME FnaF 2 Quiz of wacky Cupcakes!

In a land of spooky scary skeletons that dance everyday in quizes of wackyness, you have find This quiz. Wacty Smacty. But, Its not an normal one.....

Do you have brainpower to fry all the horror and solve that quiz of Mighty, Animatronical, Robotic, Cupcaketastic, total Crazy quiz?! I think Yes! What could go wrong? >:D

Created by: Luis Henrique
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Why the game was released before 2015?
  2. How the Marionette attack you?
  3. Do BB(Balloon Boy) attacks you?!
  4. Im hungry.... Do anybody have something here to eat (Bonus Round)
  5. Where the Marionette is found
  6. Old Chica hands are there?
  7. Where BB is found?
  8. Golden Freddy is ever here?!
  9. How "The Mangle" or Toy Foxy attacks you?!
  10. And for end.... Do the Freddy Honk still happens?! I love it!!!!!!!

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