How much do you know spongebob

There are many smart people about spongebob but spongebob himself is the smartest of himself. The tv show may be wacky, but in spongebobs mind it is telling him to wacky.

Are you a genius? Do you have brainpower to complete this! It is an amaing quiz! It will really test you. Learn more about the ocean! Does he live in a pineapple or a rock

Created by: Niall

  1. Where does spongebob live?
  2. Who is spongebobs best friend?
  3. Where does sbongebob work
  4. In the episode home sweet pineapple why does spongebob not go jellyfishing
  5. What is spongebobs snail called
  6. What is spongebobs surname
  7. How many times has spongebob took his driven test
  8. Spongebobs friend,Sandy is what animal
  9. In the episode The secret box what was in the box?
  10. In the episode The secret box what was in the box?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know spongebob