The Summit: Chapter 1; Valley Unknown

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Created by: The1ForU
  1. Chapter 1 Ron woke up in a valley unknown. It was cold and sunny and windy. Ron was under a tree, and he happened to like the spot. Not knowing why. To think about it, Ron did not remember anything at. As in instinct, Ron wondered what he was like before this. Before he forgot. But at last, the thought had passed him. To be honest, Ron did not remember nothing. He still remembered information in this bright new world. But something was off…. Ah, yes! He did not remember his experiences and did not understand his feelings. Why did he like this tree of nature so much? It is like he always has loved nature, and sun, and stars, and flowers and….. Blank. That is just the right word to describe how Ron was feeling. Blank. Dull. Empty. It was like his soul was craving everything and nothing at the same time. Over and over and over again. It is like he was…. New? New is a good word and also and sad one. He was not the same person he was 3 years ago. Regardless, he decided to sit there and stare. Stare in wonder. Stare in admiration. Stare in sorrow and lost. He was alone. Now let us get one thing straight, Ron did not feel sad. Ron was not sad at all! But he was just not happy either. He…
  2. So he stayed there. For hours. Some people of now would even say that he got to watch the sun move. He sat there still. Eventually, probably out of hunger(definitely not out of boredom), he got up and walked around.
  3. He saw the beauty which made him not worry about his problems. He wondered how this big bright world had ever came to be. The air was hot as he started to sweat. He was thirsty as well! He kept walking, desperate to find……. Someone. Anyone really. He needed to communicate with someone, but who? Will he even run into anyone? Will he make it anywhere? That is what Ron had wanted to get his mind off of.
  4. The sun was setting. It was getting dark. Ron was not scared, and not even the least worried. He was just desperate. For survival? Yeah. To meet someone? Yes. To get answers? I guess. He needed to find someone. He thought and thought as he kept walking. He saw a bird and decided to stare at it. He needed to find someone. He did not want to be alone.
  5. In the distance, he had smelled something. Like dust but not. Like air but warm. What ever it was, he looked up. There was above him a cloud of smoke. He saw that it came from the distance. A fire? He did not know, but if it was fire, that probably meant civilization.
  6. As he approached this fire of uncertainty, he was wondering why the sky had been lit by the stars. Now Ron had never worried or wondered anything like that, but he just wanted to go up there one day and, I don’t know, maybe touch them. He saw the moon, like a distanced relative, still shedding light on its people. He wondered what made it so bright. He also wondered why it was there, of all places.
  7. Now Ron had never really wondered these things before in the life he used to have, but his eyes have been opened like they never have before. Something about never getting used to it(or remember getting used to it) made it all the more alluring. He wondered…..
  8. Ron approached the town, as it came into view TO BE CONTINUED
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