The Summer I Found Love 4

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sorry it took me so long to get this part out but I'm going to try to get more parts out sooner so read the first question for a recap of part 3 since it's been a while

read the paragraph above I don't feel like retyping and almost no one reads these paragraph and I hate having to type 150 words right after I work hard on a quiz

Created by: mcqueen

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  1. RECAP: you were on a super romantic date with your favorite boy when suddenly
  2. Wake up to relies it was all a dream and you sit there for a while replaying the dream over and over again in your head then you finally get dressed an head downstairs for breakfast when your phone starts buzzing you pick it up and find out that mason texted you. “Hey ____ wanna do something fun today?” you reply “sure. Like what?” “It’s a surprise” “ok, where do you want to meet?” “Down by the lake” “ok see you there”
  3. *fast forward* You start walking towards where mason is standing then you decide to have some fun an sneak up on him. But just as you’re about to jump on him he turns around, picks you up, and throws you in the water. You come up sputtering and laughing “oops” “jerk what did you do that for?” “You looked a little thirsty” he helps you out of the water “what are we doing here?” “I thought we could take a nice boat ride” “That sounds like so much fun” “alright then let’s go”.
  4. You both get the boat an while you drift on the current you two talk about life and get to each other better. When suddenly he stands up and jumps out of the boat. You quickly lean over the side to see if he’s alright just as he pops his head out of the water. With a huge smile on his face and he just looks at you. “Don’t look at me like that” then you jump in after him and pull him under by his legs. After a long and playful water fight you both climb back into the boat and head back to shore.
  5. Once you tie down the boat he takes you for a walk through the woods “where are you taking me?” “You’ll see”. You finally come across a clearing only to find that mason set up a picnic a head of time. *fast forward* after you finish eating the two of you start bird watching. You turn to look at mason only to discover that mason has been looking at you longingly. Then both of you lean in for a kiss, his lips are soft and cool. After what feels like a lifetime you both pull away and just stared at each other silently for a few minutes.
  6. After that you both decided that it’s getting late and part ways. While you’re walking home you can’t help but think about that kiss. Like how it was so cool and refreshing like spearmint gum as you’re thinking of this you run your finger slowly around your lips. As if you could still feel the pressure of his lips on your own. Then CLIFFHANGER
  7. Thank you for taking my series. Bye

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