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  • I agree with RL4ever. Also, you had a few questions where the answer that I could have used wasn't there. I happen to have black hair, but that wasn't an option. My favorite color was an option, but I'm sure there are people with a favorite color that isn't on the quiz. Then, some of the other questions had the 'typical' answer, but not the literary one. For example, grass isn't always green. It can be brown, black, yellow, etc.

    Evil Lord Inthiyr
  • How ironic... a quiz on stupidity by someone who does not appear to be fully literate. Ever hear of spellcheck, dude? I won't help you much with your grammar and usage, but it might catch some of the most embarrassing stuff. At least it might make YOU look a bit less stupid.

  • probably good at gutair hero idk i never tried =] btw guitar hero 4 those who didnt know is a video game where you have to hit the notes of songs using a "guitar" i should know my friends talk about it all the time it gets annoying

  • Really, spelling mistakes are ok. No need to be a prude and point out the mistakes, because it wasn't that bad. Geez, you people need a life...

  • What does my preference in color have anything to do with intelligence?

  • "I'm probably good at guitar hero"? No, I play a real guitar.

  • dude i suck at guitar hero haha im gonna go rip outmy heart now to see what shape it is. I shall die in the name of science!!

  • Yes, i made this quiz, and yes, i know its stupid, and yes, the questions r retarded...

  • I liked this quiz. It had a good answer. :]

    Puppy xo1
  • i bet this is gonna sound stupid 2 evry1 else besides me, but what's guitar hero?

  • Nikki_knox is really cool ^,^

    Yea . Diz is just a fun quiz . We don't need 2 b serious .

    Chill... . ...

    jemah jempot
  • how did they know i was good at guitar hero! i play expert how did they know that


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