The Star Wars Quiz (Original Trilogy Part 3) (Final)

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This is the Final Quiz Of this Series, Im not f---ing doing that again! Unless you want me to of course, becouse in that case Ill do it 20 more times! Ill do it Over 9000 times!

I also wanna say that Kim-Jong-Un, baby, you look horrible in that Hitler suit, Like WTF are you doing in there? Your Retarted enough as it is! Just Stop!

Created by: Deadlock
  1. What Planet Did The Rebels go to After the Destruction Of The Death Star?
  2. How did The Empire Find the Rebels?
  3. Who told Luke to Go to the Dagobah System?
  4. How did Han Solo lose the Tie Fighters?
  5. Who Did Luke Find On Dagobah?
  6. Who was Han's Friend On Cloud City?
  7. In Disney's New Canon, how did Chewbacca get 3PO after he was Destroyed?
  8. Who was Han Solo Given to After he was Froze in Carbonite?
  9. What did Darth Vader Reveal to Luke?
  10. How did Leia Find Luke?
  11. According to Disney's New Canon, who helped Leia get the Boushh Costume?
  12. Who did Han Solo (Accidentally) Kill While at the Sarlacc Pit?
  13. Who was Elected to lead the Rebel Strike Team On Endor?
  14. According to Disney's New Canon, who is the Rebel Nicknamed Gramps confirmed to be?
  15. Who Helped The Rebels Defeat The Empire On Endor?
  16. What did Admiral Ackbar Claim The Attack On The Second Death Star was?
  17. According to Disney's New Canon, what Member Of The Ghost Crew Fought At the Battle Of Endor?
  18. Who Killed Emporer Palpatine?
  19. According to Disney's New Canon where was the Last Battle Of The War?
  20. After the Battle Of Endor where do Sabine Wren and Ashoka Tano go?

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