the sport for you

have you ever played sport? go you want to? well this quiz is all about what sport is right for you and what sports are up for grabs that you can play as a team or solo.

do YOU want to play sport? have you ever played it? or you just need another sport? well no matter what, this is the quiz for you.what sport is right for you, is sport even right for you well in just a few minutes you could find out

Created by: bobby

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what type of stort do you like watching?
  2. do you like playing indoor or outdoor i water or on grass?
  3. do you like playing for a long time or a short time?
  4. do you like contact sports or no contact?
  5. do you like to play in a team or be solo?
  6. are you storng?
  7. are you thin, large or normal in terms of body mass for your age?
  8. have you ever played sport?
  9. would you prefer to play sport in summer or winter?
  10. would you train hard for the sport?

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