The sonic quiz!

This quiz is for those who are big fans of the fastest thing alive sonic the hedgehog .The quiz will decide who is a fan and who is not.This is my first quiz and hopefully youl enjoy it .I strongly suggest trying it out if you are a big fan of the blue hedgehogs as you will be tested with some hard some that are damn easy.If youv just heard of sonic or have recently just started playing do not play just yet try looking for information.Even if you didnt get a good score please rate.

please rate this quiz so I know that I should make a harder version.It should be made somtime in october .sorry gotta get outta here hedgehog .the quiz will travel to the first sonic game to sonic adventure .

Created by: brandon
  1. What year was sonic the hedgehog game for the sega gennisis out?
  2. What game did Amy Rose first appear in?
  3. What game DR Robotnik start to be called Eggman?
  4. What is tails real name?
  5. What game did sonic learn to use the spin dash
  6. Was Knuckles tricked by Dr Robtnik?
  7. How many Chaos Emralds are there?
  8. Who was shadow created by?
  9. Who is in the Chaotics?
  10. What is Eggmans I.Q

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