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  • @smageman

    Even if he is an 11 year old kid, he knows somewhat what he's talking about. Breathing IS a factor in marksmanship, whether it's a M82a3, or a M24. Though unlike Call of Duty, a true sniper NEVER holds his breath (causes muscle spasms). And heartbeat does count as well, since it also causes bodily movement. I'd suggest that you get your facts right before you decide to flame someone. I know from five years of experience of serving as a Marine Scout Sniper on an STA Platoon in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

  • You're gay!

  • oi i f---ing dont think you can hit stuff a mile away considering there a not alot of snipers can do that and i can get a bulls eye on a dart board 1000m away 3 times in a row so up you


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