the smokers test and nonsmokers too

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The smokers and nonsmoker's test too is about smoking and seeing if smokers know what they're smoking. im hoping to save many lives with this quiz. but you can only try.

do you think you know everything there is to know about smoking? well take ths quiz and see what you'd be called, smoker or non smoker? good luck!

Created by: sweatpea206

  1. is there acetone in a ciggy?
  2. what is it that covers the lungs whenever one smokes?
  3. everytime you smoke, what happens to your heart?
  4. does breathing become better or worse when you start?
  5. i've done quite some research on this so please don't tell me im wrong. what happens to smokers brain eventually?
  6. does smoking make you look cool? well it does but what happens after looking cool?
  7. how many minutes does a smoker lose off their life?
  8. do smokers breath in the stuff that comes out of a car?
  9. can you get high blood pressure from smoking
  10. are you a smoker?
  11. are you a nonsmoker

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