The smarty quiz

There are many things that could be right, wrong, or perfect. In this test, you will have to use your brain power to go against the ovious and and try your best!

Will you succed? I wont know quite yet, but just try to think again before answering all in ????? marks. I think you really do know it, but maybe your just trying to deny that!

Created by: cake

  1. If x=50 and y= 23 what is the answer to x-y=?
  2. Beth, ally, lily, and peg went to a rock concert if the tickets to go there were $20 each AND they each ordered $5 worth of snacks, how much did they end up paying?
  3. You are the bus driver! 3people get off. 10 people get on. 6 people get off and 3 people get on. 7people get off and 8 peole get on. what is the bus drivers name?
  4. 2+2=?
  5. If someone asks directions, you say:
  6. What is they proper way to eat a meal?
  7. If you burp, you say,
  8. Who is this person? Albert__________
  9. What is the meanist thing to say?
  10. 10+30+30 x2=

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