The Sk3tchYT Quiz

If you're here, you know Sketch. If you don't, GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE. Welcome to my quiz! It might be a bit more complicated and advanced than most of the quizzes you'll find on Skootch, just a heads up.

I'm so glad you chose my quiz, because I think you'll have a great time completing it. Only a true fan of the Skootch-Man will get even close to 100%, so good luck!

Created by: MelodyPiper1406
  1. When was Sketch's first video on the Sketch channel posted?
  2. Who shot Sketch with paintballs in the Just Dares 5 episode?
  3. What did Sketch say he was allergic to in one of his Q&As?
  4. Which of the following are some of Sketch's nicknames?
  5. What is Cody's Roblox username?
  6. What is Ethan's girlfriend's name?
  7. What is Sketch's intro and outro music?
  8. Who is Ron?
  9. Does Sketch suffer from dyslexia?
  10. What were the percentages that Sketch rated Corl, Alex and Denis in a Q&A?
  11. Which of the following is NOT in Sketch's Personal Favourite playlist?
  12. What is the newest video out of this list?
  13. Who put the mustard on the sandwich they got dared to give to Ethan?
  14. Who dared Sketch "I dare you to be nice to Ethan for once"?
  15. Who did Sketch play 'Jailbreak' with in the video he posted on March the 1st?
  16. What's 530 divided by 100?

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