The Sea calls Me 1

Hi GTQ people! Welcome to part 1 of The Sea calls Me! Hope you like it! OK random word time! I love cookies! Your face is a raspberry watermelon! No offense!

OMG below are my favorite quiz series! Lost in Love, vampire desire, dont leave me hanging, my fate is my own, love, and many more like beautiful secrets triology!

Created by: Mistyheart13

  1. Ok basically your a 13 year old girl with long curly black hair and blue green eyes. Oh yeah. You ar also a mermaid.
  2. So you walk to school with your best friend June and she says "So Melody," which is your name "wanna go to the pool later?" "Sorry June, I can't." She frowns. "Aww, Mel, really?" You tell her some excuse and apologize
  3. Any way when you get homeyou eat a snack, do your homework, and leave to go to the magical cave where you swim.
  4. You jump in the water and close your eyes as a bright light fills the rcave. When you opened your eyes you had on your teal bikini top and had your shimmery silver tail.
  5. You heard a sound from behind you and whirled around in the wate. "Well, Well, Well. What do we have here?" You instantly reconized your cousins friend Nick. Staring in to his dark brown eyes not caring bout his golden brown hair you realize what he is. A Mercoma. A vampire of mermai blood. "Leave, Nick." He laughed. "Aw, that would just take take all the fun away. But im not going to kill you yet. Im going to do something much better first. " your eyes widened as he grinned evilly. He was going to make a Garcio. A mermaid-vampire potion to force the mermaid to fall madly in lve with the vampire before he killsher. Luckily, You're immune to them
  6. Nick forces you to drink the garcio and you do. Then he pushes you against the wall and kissed you. Suddenly he pulled you both towards the wall where you csn feel your toungues entwining. You feel you tail begin to wrap around his legs.
  7. OMG you think. Get a grip. Suddenly Nick pulls away and you see his eyes areblueish gray now. "I'm so sorry Melody I could never hurt you I love you."
  8. Suddenly you pull away and dart through the water into a small tunnel he can't fit in. "Mel you ok?" "No Nick you idiot ! Leave!" You shoot ice darts through the water at him. "Fine" he huffs. Then he leaves.
  9. FAST FORWARD}[BACK AT HOME] You get in bed and think about the scene in the cave you wonfer what was up with Nick...
  10. CLIFFHANGER! So how do you think it sounds? Please comment and LEAVE SUGGESTIONS!!!

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