The Saddle Club(TV Series)

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Do you think you're a saddle club pro?I created this quiz to help you find out! I love the saddle club soooo much! Do you love horses as much as the saddle club girls? Take this quiz to find out your knowledge

Take this quiz to find out! (created by horsegirlyla) I hope you love the quiz leave a comment on how you did or if you enjoyed it i love to hear your opinions

Created by: Horsegirllyla

  1. Who Plays Carole Hanson In The Saddle Club?
  2. Who are The Saddle Clubbers?
  3. What Are the rules for The Saddle Club
  4. What are the Main horses in season 2?
  5. Who owns Starlight??
  6. Who is Storm?
  7. What Breed of horse is Belle??
  8. On the Mountain Trail Overnight who gets injured?
  9. In what episode and season does Stevie go on her first date with Phil?
  10. Mrs. Reg is Max's__________?

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