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Their is a lot of smart people out there. But sometimes they fake it. So are you a smart person? Take this quiz and found out if you're a smart person!! Come and take this random quiz that I made. Come, have fun, and do your very best!

Are you smart? Are you really, really, really, really, really smart? Well, if you're really smart, then come and take this random quiz that I made. Be prepared, because it's a wild random quiz!!!! Have fun!

Created by: Alyson

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  1. In the Disney Channel movie, High School Muscial, who plays Sharpay Evans?
  2. Who is Emma Roberts?
  3. Who is Ashlee Simpson's sister?
  4. Which person is in the Disney Channel movie, High School Musical?
  5. Who is Sean Avery?
  6. Who is Corey Perry?
  7. Who is Andy McDonald?
  8. Who is Patrick Roy?
  9. Who plays Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series?
  10. Who is Peter Budaj?
  11. In the Disney Channel movie, The Cheetah Girls 2, where did they film the movie?
  12. Who is Emma Watson?
  13. When is Emma Roberts birthday?
  14. When is Ashley Tisdale's birthday?
  15. Who is Chris Pronger?
  16. Who is Miley Cyrus's dad?
  17. Pick a animal
  18. Pick a number
  19. Pick a letter
  20. Pick a name
  21. Pick a show
  22. Pick a singer
  23. Do you like this quiz?

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